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You want to buy a Dump Trailer? Pongratz tipping trailers impress with their robust construction, the components specially designed for tough applications, but also with their precision in daily use. Accessories and special equipment, such as electro-hydraulics + hand pump or external hydraulic connection, make the Pongratz Dump Trailer an optimal companion for the most diverse tasks.

Reverse dumper | RK series

Light Reverse Dumper | L-RK Series

3-Side Dumper | Series 3-SKS

All Pongratz car trailers score points for form and function. They are developed and tested in countless hours of work. Your personal requirements and goals decide on the equipment variants of the tipping trailers.

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What is a dump trailer?

Dump trailers are car trailers whose loading area can also be tipped, either backwards or on three sides. Dump trailers are particularly suitable for transporting loose loads such as sand, gravel or earth. Models with an integrated rail chute are also ideal for transporting Baumaschinen und anderen Fahrzeugen.

Pongratz dumper types at a glance

Reverse dumper | RK series

Pongratz tipping trailers are real all-rounders. They tip skilfully, easily and exactly where you want. The reverse tippers (RK) are versatile and extremely stable. Whether in landscaping, building construction or civil engineering, with the fully welded and dip-galvanised frame and the highly dimensioned hydraulic components, they are particularly durable. An extensive range of trailer accessories ensures individual design options and flexibility.

Light Reverse Dumper | L-RK Series

The latest model in the Pongratz dumper trailer family: the L-RK Alu.
This dump trailer has been consistently designed with optimised weight and increased payload. The newly designed tipping platform with integrated multi-function rear lights as well as platform guide with integrated safety device and mounting for hand pump lever is convincing. Of course, a wide range of accessories is also available for this passenger car trailer series. The L-RK is the first tipper that is also available in an unbraked version (HzGG 750 kg).

3-Sided Dumper | Series 3-SKS

The Pongratz 3-sided tippers go one step further in terms of flexibility: they are reliable in use on the construction site, for transporting vehicles and machinery or in forestry and agriculture. Frame and tipper platform are fully welded and dip galvanised. This guarantees a long service life even under the toughest conditions.

  • Various configurations and options for the tiltable loading platform
  • Available in braked version

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When should you buy a dump trailer?

Dump trailers are true all-rounders, as they can be used for numerous transport purposes. Both for private use and for commercial use, Pongratz dump trailers are durable and extremely robust companions.

With a tipping trailer, you transport for construction work or gardening:

  • Building rubble, sand & gravel
  • Green cuttings and branches
  • Machines and much more

Dump trailers made from the strongest materials

  • When you buy a dump trailer, make sure that only first-class materials are processed. At Pongratz, quality is a top priority – the chassis and tipper plateau are always fully welded and dip galvanised.
  • The base is solid steel and connected to the plateau with countersunk screws.
  • Patented aluminium side panels ensure the low dead weight and provide high stability as well as a modern design.
  • The drop sides as rolled beam – hollow chamber profile withstand almost any load and are ideal for the toughest tasks in trade and agriculture.

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