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Pongratz high loaders are all-rounders with which even large-volume or bulky goods can be transported without any problems.

  • Hinged and removable drop sides on all sides made of aluminium hollow chamber profile
  • Fully welded, dip galvanised frame
  • In the version with integrated rail shaft, they become vehicle transporters

Lightweight  Uploader | Series LH
The versatile car trailer with drop sides made of aluminium hollow chamber profile

Pongratz Uploader  | Series PHL
The top loader among trailers with integrated rail chesst

All Pongratz uploaders score points for their form and function. They are developed and tested in countless hours of work. Your personal requirements and goals decide on the equipment variants of these car trailers.

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What is an uploader?

A uplaoder is a car trailer where the tyres are located under the load box and not next to it, as is the case with flatbet trailers. This results in the two major advantages of Pongratz uploaders: a wider loading area with the same overall width and the possibility to easily load and unload the vehicle from three sides, also using a forklift truck.

Pongratz uploaders at a glance

LH series uploaders

Pongratz LH series uploaders are popular and versatile car trailers. They have drop sides made of an aluminium hollow chamber profile with a height of 300mm. The frame is fully welded as well as dip galvanised and therefore also suitable for tough applications. Trailers of the LH series are available up to a length of 4 metres and a width of 2 metres.

PHL series uploader

The PHL series is the top model of the Pongratz uploader family. The drop sides are 360 mm high and made of an aluminium hollow chamber profile. With the integrated rail shaft, these car trailers can also be used as vehicle transporters. The frame is fully welded and dip galvanised. PHL uploaders are available up to a length of 8 metres and a width of 2.4 metres.

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When is an uploader the right choice?

The uploader is ideally suited for transporting large-volume and bulky goods as well as palletised goods. Due to its design, an uploader offers a very high loading width and the greatest possible flexibility due to its folding and removable drop sides. Models with an integrated rail shaft are also ideal for transporting vehicles. By adding optional tarpaulin frames in different heights, any load can also be transported safely and protected from external influences.

Pongratz uploader means: more trailers

  • Highest quality
    All Pongratz trailers are produced with durability and safety in mind.
  • Strong material
    Starting with the materials used and the material thicknesses for drop sides, through the quality of the surface coating to the construction of the towing equipment. Pongratz makes no compromises.
  • Geprüftes Zubehör
    Find suitable car trailer accessories simply by clicking on your desired high loader model.

Uploader or flatbed trailer – what is better?

Whether an uploader or a flatbed trailer  is better depends on what you want to use the trailer for. Read more about this in our blog article on the subject of “uploaders or flatbed trailers”.

Uploaders are the ideal partners when it comes to transporting large-volume loads or palletised goods. Compared to flatbed trailers, uploaders are available with much larger load boxes.

A flatbed trailer is suitable as an universal trailer, but especially for transporting loads for which a flatbed trailers height is a priority. For example, motorbikes, lawn mowers, washing machines and smaller garden or construction machines.

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