Vehicle transporter

The Pongratz vehicle transporters – for everything with wheels.  Depending on the vehicle to be transported, Pongratz offers four different types of vehicle transport trailers:

  • Vehicle transporter (AT, L-AT)
  • Motorbike transport trailers (EMA, MA)
  • Universal vehicle transport trailers (L-PAT)
  • construction machine transporters ( PMT)

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From light to massive, you will find various models in our range with payloads from 470 to 2,820 kg, with tiltable loading area, retractable or folding drive-on rails or drive-over ramp.  Depending on the model, with variable superstructures, open or closed floor, sophisticated securing options and much more. What all vehicle transporters have in common: absolute reliability and maximum driving pleasure!

What is a vehicle transporter?

Vehicle trailers are specially designed single-axle or tandem trailers for transporting vehicles of various types. Depending on the type of vehicle to be transported, we distinguish between vehicle transporters for cars (car transport trailers),motorbike transporters, construction machine transporters or universal vehicle transporters.

Vehicle transporters: braked or unbraked?

Vehicle transporters are available in unbraked and braked versions. In the unbraked variant, the trailer itself has no braking device. The towing vehicle takes over the necessary braking power. A braked vehicle transport trailer has its own brakes, thus relieving the towing vehicle and ensuring increased safety, especially with heavier loads.

The heavier the load, the more we recommend a braked model.

You can find detailed information and the legal requirements in our FAQ section.

When is a vehicle transporter the right choice?

If you regularly transport vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, construction machinery, lawn tractors, municipal equipment, quads, carts, small tractors, soap boxes, bicycles or, in short, anything with wheels, it is worthwhile to purchase your own vehicle transporter.

Why buy vehicle transport trailers from Pongratz?

The model range of our vehicle transporters is characterised by the highest quality and sophistication. We guarantee driving feel and easy handling through our know-how and the optimal processing of high-quality materials. Pongratz vehicle transporters are practical and fun: thanks to flat ramp angles, ingenious securing options and individual set-up possibilities. Our brochure for the models MA & EMA, AT & L-AT can you donwnload here.