From the water to the road. Whether on holiday trips or in daily use by fire brigades, fishermen, the police or water rescue services – you can rely on the tried and tested quality and dimensional stability of Pongratz boat trailers. Find your suitable model for transporting motorboats, inflatable boats and sailboats.

  • Depending on the model – payloads from 344 to 2,801 kg.
  • For boat lengths of up to 9 metres
  • Two models for safe inflatable boat transport
  • Different supports, automatic slip and detailed solutions

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Find the right boat trailer

Pongratz boat trailers (PBA) guarantee relaxed travelling with the boat on the hook. No matter whether motor boat or sailing boat with centreboard or keel. As no two boats are the same, there are different supports, detail solutions and design variants to adapt the car trailer perfectly to the respective vessel.

Overview Pongratz boat trailers

  • Motorboat
  • Motorboat with shaft drive
  • Sailing boat (centreboard)
  • Sailing boat (keel)
  • Inflatable boat
  • Barge

Trailers for motorboat transport (without/with shaft drive)

Depending on which type of engine is installed (outboard, shaft drive, stern drive), a different trailer base is required. The type of drive, along with the length and weight of the boat, is therefore decisive for choosing the right boat trailer. Shaft-driven boats, for example, absolutely require a trailer with the corresponding shaft cut-out.

Pongratz motor boat trailers do exactly what your boat needs:

  • A stable, dip-galvanised and welded frame construction
  • Adaptation of various boat supports possible for almost any type of boat
  • Extendable and removable light carrier
  • Adjustable axle units for optimum balance and drawbar load
  • Functional automatic slip with 2, 4 or 6 wheels (optional)
Anhänger für Motorboot, Segelboot oder Zille

For safe loading and unloading, make sure that the keel rollers are of high quality and in good condition!

Sailboat trailer with keel / with centreboard

A keel boat carries a considerable load with its fin-shaped ballast keel. When transporting it, it is therefore particularly important that the keel boat is well secured and the boat trailer is aligned to the respective weight. Pongratz boat trailers with adjustable boat supports also ensure optimum placement of the hull weight pick-up points here.

Anhänger für den Schlauchboottransport

For those who frequently travel with the inflatable boat and want to transport the boat when inflated, a trailer is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Safe mode of transport – two side-mounted castor supports and two height-adjustable keel castors to secure the boat.
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Deflation or re-inflation is not necessary
  • Additional storage space for accessories in the trailer (optional)

Schlauchboot Anhänger Maße

Wood/chine boats

The zille is one of the so-called flat-bottomed boats. Which boat trailer is the right one for transporting them depends on the dimensions of the barge. In any case, however, a special barge trailer is needed. The pioneers of the Austrian Armed Forces also rely on Pongratz barge trailers. Read more


Pills and other flat-bottomed boats do not centre themselves via the hull shape. Therefore, when buying a boat trailer, look for stable side guide rollers that stabilise the flat-bottomed boat during transport and also enable easy launching (lowering the boat directly from the trailer into the water).

Boat trailer with automatic slip

The Pongratz boat trailers can be optionally equipped with an automatic slip. This makes it much easier to lower the trailer into the water and is easy on the material and nerves.


If the trailer is driven into water, pay attention to the design of the axles. If this has a wheel flushing system, the brake drum can be cleaned quite easily by connecting a water hose. Waterproof wheel hubs also prevent too much salt and dirt from getting into the chassis.

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Accessories for boat trailers

The right cushions and matching accessories ensure comfort and safety. You can easily find suitable accessories below the product details of the respective model or browse directly in our  Online shop.


With Pongratz you set course for the next adventures on the water

Only high-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the boat transporters. You benefit from long durability, stability and load-bearing capacity thanks to a welded, robust and dip-galvanised frame construction.

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