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With PONGAMI, our new folding trailer, we are going in a completely new direction in trailer construction. Pongami stands for generous loading dimensions with a minimum space requirement for storage at the same time. By means of our clever folding mechanism, the trailer can simply be folded without any effort at all. This saves valuable space...

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Technical details
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further information
description value
Total weight 750 kg
Load capacity 575 kg
Self-weight 175 kg
Total length 3.090 mm
Total width 1.590 mm
Total height 790 mm
Loading dimensions inside - length 1.840 mm
Loading dimensions inside - width 1.180 mm
Loading dimensions inside - height 290 mm
Sill height 500 mm

With PONGAMI, our folding trailer, we are breaking new ground in the Trailer construction. Pongami stands for generous load dimensions while minimizing Space required for storage. By means of our clever folding mechanism The trailer can be folded easily and without effort. This saves valuable space when the Pongami is not needed. High quality components, careful vehicle construction and our love for Detail make our followers to long-lasting partners. Here we play ours Know-how in terms of best quality, easy handling and highest Safety during transport. A wide range of accessories makes ours PONGAMI the ideal companion for leisure, home and garden. No matter if boat, Two-wheeler, greens or furniture on move - Pongami unfolds at each Transport his possibilities

Serienmäßige Grundausstattung

  • Lashing option for load securing
  • Maintenance-free rubber suspension axles
  • steel fenders
  • Multifunction lights
  • Torsion-free chassis
  • 13-pin light connector
  • Jockey wheel
description value
Material type steel
brake unrestrained
Single axle / tandem Single axle (1 axle)
Tires (inches) 10 inch
Number of lashing points 4
Hydraulic system No
Hinged front wall No
Tilted Yes

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